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Who's Who in Scottish Medical Training?

The following organisations are involved in the Scottish Medical Training process:

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) 

The NES Medical Directorate is responsible for co-ordinating the recruitment of doctors to postgraduate medical training.

The Scotland Deanery is part of the NES Medical Directorate, meaning that Scottish Medical Training covers all of Scotland under one organisational umbrella. On behalf of the NHS territorial boards, we co-ordinate with organisations in Health Education England, Royal Colleges and NHS Wales and Northern Ireland to deliver UK recruitment.

NES Medicine and Scottish Medical Training

The NES Medical Directorate, via the Scotland Deanery, oversees the delivery and quality management of postgraduate medical training of approx. 5800 doctors across Scotland. Answerable to the GMC, we ensure that the training delivered meets GMC and Royal College standards, and we are proud that the Scottish Deanery scores highly in the annual GMC National Training Survey.

What else do we do?

NES Medicine also plays a leading role in:

  • delivering ePortfolio for Royal Colleges and doctors across the UK
  • managing the SOAR system for supporting appraisal and revalidation of doctors in Scotland
  • co ordinating the process to meet the GMC requirement for formal recognition of undergraduate and postgraduate trainers
  • supporting the Scottish Government in medical workforce planning
  • delivering key training packages for medical staff, including leadership and management training for postgraduate doctors
  • supporting the career development of specialty and associate specialty doctors
  • distribution of Associated Costs of Teaching (ACT) funding for undergraduate medical education