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Frequently asked questions

When is shadowing week?

Shadowing week for 2017 commences on 25th July.

When do I start my training?

FY1 trainees will start work on Tuesday 1st August 2017.

Am I allocated to a one or two year programme?

You will be allocated to the full two year programme if allocated to the North region.

If you are allocated to the East, South-East or the West you will be allocated for F1 only and allocation to F2 will take place in discussions with your FPD during your F1 year.

Training Abroad

With effect from August 2010, Scotland will not support applications for Foundation training abroad, either in year 1 or year 2. This is due to the requirement to quality manage all programmes to GMC standards, which cannot be guaranteed abroad.

How could I fail to be matched to any programme in Round 1?

If you are a single (i.e., not a linked) applicant, this can only happen if all of your chosen programmes have all of their places filled by applicants with a score at least as high as yours.

How high will my score have to be to guarantee a match to my first choice programme?

This depends very much on what your first choice programme is. For popular programmes the score required to guarantee a match is likely to be significantly higher than for less popular programmes.

How does the system distinguish between applicants with the same score?

Initially, applicants with the same score are distinguished on a completely random basis. However, this randomness can have a significant effect on the matching size (the number of applicants matched) and profile (the number receiving their first, second, . . .choice). The randomisation process may be repeated many times, and the solution that matches the most applicants, with the profile that is most satisfactory, will be selected.

What kind of guarantee does the system give to linked applicants?

The link only allows for you to be in the same UoA however, if you are allocated to Scotland the local allocation process also allows for you to be in the same Group e.g. North Region (Groups beginning with N), East Region (Groups beginning with E), South East Region (Groups beginning with S), or West Region (Groups beginning with W) but ONLY if you rank the Groups in the same order.  If not ranked in the same order then the link will be broken.

Should I avoid placing popular programmes at the head of my list?

If you place popular programmes p1, p2 and p3 in, say, positions 1, 2 and 3 on your list, and a less popular programme q in position 4, your chances of being allocated to q are no less than they would have been if you had disguised your true preferences by placing q first. In other words, at least in this sense, there is no advantage in 'faking' your preferences. For applicants with low scores (it is difficult to predict just how low) there is some danger of ending up unmatched; for such applicants it would be risky to include only popular programmes in their list.

How can I find out the breakdown of my score?

Score breakdowns are provided as per the UKFPO timeline.

I wish to place a request re information held by NES under the Data Protection Act. How do I do this?

Please follow the NES Data Protection Act procedure (external site).

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