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Where can I find information about the Scottish Academic Foundation Programme (AFP)?

Information about the Scottish AFP can be found here.

What publications, presentations and prizes can I submit as part of my AFP application?

For information about publications please see the UKFPO Applicants' Guide.

For presentations, applicants can submit up to a maximum of 10 presentations:

  • The oral or poster presentation must be given at a national or international conference organised by a recognised medical, professional or educational body. National means that the level of organisation is Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland or another country.
  • The poster or oral presentation must describe the applicant's academic work.
  • The applicant must be a named author on the presentation.
  • The presentation must have been accepted or taken place before the close of the application period (4th November 2020).

For prizes:

  • Distinctions and merits must have been awarded during undergraduate/medical school.
  • The prize must be an undergraduate/medical school, national or international educational prize awarded by an organisation.
  • National means that the level of organisation is Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland.
  • Distinctions or merits must have been awarded before the close of the application period (4th November 2020).
  • A prize is awarded for academic achievement rather than for an activity.

What is the format of the AFP interview?

Candidates will be asked a series of questions by the interview panel.

How many stations are involved in the AFP interview?

Currently the AFP interview has one station.

Will my score be based upon interview only?

Your score will be based upon both your interview score and short-listing score.

Will my decile score be included in calculating my short-listing score?

Your short-listing score does not include your decile score. However, your decile score may be used in a tie-break situation.

Am I allocated to a one- or two-year programme? 

All trainees allocated to the Scottish Foundation School are allocated to a two-year programme. For the Academic Foundation Programme (AFP), trainees in the East, North and West are allocated to a fixed two-year rotation. In the South East trainees are allocated to a fixed F1 rotation and their F2 allocation is decided through an allocation process which takes place part-way through the F1 year.