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What is Oriel?

Oriel is the UK-wide recruitment portal for eligible applicants applying for Foundation Training. The website can be found here.

What is a 'Group'? 

On Oriel the term ‘Group’ is used to refer to the four regions in Scotland which provide Foundation Training; East (Groups beginning with E), North (Groups beginning with N), South East (Groups beginning with S) and West (Groups beginning with W).

What is a 'Programme'? 

On Oriel the term 'Programme' is used to refer to an approved series of six 4-month posts (or three 4-month plus two 6-month posts) which make up a two-year foundation training programme. 

What is a Unit of Application (UoA)?

Scotland is one Unit of Application and consists of the four regions in Scotland.

Can I change details on my application form after I submit it?

Once an application has been submitted, the applicant is unable to withdraw or amend the application. Applicants can only amend their personal contact details, referee details and UoA preferences once they have submitted their application

Am I allocated to a one- or two-year programme? 

All trainees allocated to the Scottish Foundation School are allocated to a two-year programme. For FP, all trainees are allocated to a fixed F1 rotation. Your F2 allocation is decided through an allocation process which takes place part-way through the F1 year. For AFP, trainees in the East, North and West are allocated to a fixed two-year rotation while trainees in the South East are allocated only to a fixed F1 rotation. In the South East AFP, your F2 allocation is decided through an allocation process which takes place part-way through the F1 year. For Foundation Priority Programmes (FPP), you are allocated to a fixed two-year rotations.

Can I do either my F1 or my F2 training abroad if I accept a place in the Scottish Foundation School? 

With effect from August 2010, Scotland will not support applications for Foundation training abroad, either in year 1 or year 2. This is due to the requirement to quality manage all programmes to GMC standards, which cannot be guaranteed abroad. 

What do I need to do if I have a fitness to practice declaration on my application?

Once you have been allocated, your foundation school will contact you if they require any further information in regards to what you have declared on your application. Please include all relevant information on your Supporting Trainees Entering Practice (STEP) form also. 

Which hospitals in Scotland use paperless working?

Across the regions there is a mixed economy of electronic and paper systems with a varied mix of systems for patient notes, prescribing, admissions, ordering tests etc. No one area is all paper or all electronic. If you have specific concerns relating to paperless working, please discuss this with the School.