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Can I apply to be placed in a specific area if I have a special requirement?

The Special Circumstances process allows some applicants to apply to be pre-allocated to a Foundation School on the grounds of having a requirement to remain in a certain geographical area. The Scottish Foundation School also aims to accommodate Special Circumstances applications to the relevant region (East, North, South East or West). Please see the information on the Scotland Deanery website.

What kinds of special circumstances will be considered?

Criteria for applying to Special Circumstances are available on the UKFPO website.

How and when do I apply for Special Circumstances?

Please follow the guidance on the UKFPO website.

If my application is approved, will I be guaranteed allocation to a particular Group?

The Scottish Foundation School aims to accommodate special circumstances applications to the relevant region (East, North, South East or West). Approved Special Circumstances applications do not guarantee first choice preference of Group (e.g. E01, N05, S02, W13).

If am being allocated through Special Circumstances, do I still need to rank my Group preferences on Oriel?

The Oriel system requires you to rank your Group preferences, so you must do this even if you are being allocated through Special Circumstances.

When will I find out my Group allocation?

Your Group allocation will be released at the same time as other applicants. Please see the Scottish Foundation School timeline for further information.

Will my special circumstances be taken into account in the allocation of my Programme?

The Special Circumstances process only applies to the allocation process until the Group allocation. Once you have been allocated to a Group, your Programme will be allocated based upon your application score.

What happens if I am placed on the reserve list?

Pre-allocation to a specific Foundation School on the grounds of Special Circumstances is only guaranteed for those who have a high enough application score to make the primary list. Other applicants will be placed on the reserve list. Applicants on the reserve list will be allocated to Foundation Schools in batches, on pre-set dates. Reserve list applicants with special circumstances will only be allocated to their first-choice Foundation School if that School has vacancies available on the date on which they are allocated. If there are no places available at the applicant’s first choice Foundation School then they will be allocated elsewhere according to the places available, their score and their stated preferences.