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I require a Tier 4 visa, how do I apply? 

If you are an overseas national who is currently at a UK medical school on a student visa then you will need to apply for a Tier 4 visa for your Foundation Training. Applicants who are UK medical graduates will be entitled to Tier 4 sponsorship for the purpose and duration of the Foundation Programme (two years). Full details on how you can register for a Tier 4 account will be sent to you by the national Tier 4 team once the final allocations have been published on Oriel (around April).  The national Tier 4 team will issue you with a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) number which you will need when applying for your Tier 4 visa.  Your application will be made to the UK Home Office and not to UKFPO, the Tier 4 team or your allocated School or Board. It is your sole responsibility to apply within the appropriate time frames and within the Home Office rules and regulations. 

Information regarding Tier 4 sponsorship can be found on the UKFPO website. Details on how to complete the application form for a Tier 4 visa can be found on the UK Government websiteThe UK Government are responsible for determining the rules around entry to the UK and neither the UKFPO, the Foundation School nor the Board are able to influence these decisions or rulings. Applicants are advised to seek guidance and advice directly from the UK Home Office on entry to the UK.

I am an EEA national, how will Brexit affect my Foundation training?

Please click here for post-Brexit guidance for EEA nationals.

When is Shadowing and Induction? 

Shadowing and Induction arrangements will vary depending upon the region to which you are allocated. Your local Board will contact you directly with details and information of the programme. Please see the Scotland Deanery website for Key Dates.

When do I start my training? 

F1 trainees start work on the first Wednesday in August. Please see the Scotland Deanery website for Key Dates.

Will there be any indication of which posts have out of hours and on-call opportunities (formerly referred to as 'Banding')? 

Financial supplements for out of hours duties and on-call arrangements are a matter for the employer and not an educational matter related to the Foundation School. Out of hours opportunities vary from Board to Board. The Foundation School is concerned with the curriculum delivery; it does not have any involvement in determining out of hours and its remuneration.  

Will I have access to accommodation 

The School has no involvement in the arrangement of accommodation.  Please see the Scotland Deanery website for details of the hospitals which provide accommodation.

Who should I contact if I wish to work less than full time (LTFT)? 

All information regarding Less than Full-Time training can be found in the LTFT section of the Scotland Deanery website.

Will I be entitled to relocation expenses?

Please see the Turas Hub for information about relocation expenses.