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Foundation Programmes

Scotland is one foundation school and is part of the Scotland Deanery.  On allocation to Scotland, there is a two-stage process; you will first be required to rank groups e.g. North Region (groups beginning with N), East Region (groups beginning with E), South East Region (groups beginning with S), or West Region (groups beginning with W) in order of preference. There is no requirement to choose all the groups from one Region and they can be chosen in any order of preference. Secondly, once matched to a group, you will then need to rank the individual posts within the group. This also includes the order in which you rotate round the placements during the year.

Overview of posts:

Region F1 FP Posts available F1 AFP Posts available F2 FP Posts available F2 AFP Posts available
East 90 6 90 6
North 126 15 126 15
South East 180 18 180 18
West 393 21 393 21
Total 789 60 789 60


Allocation to Foundation Programmes:

On allocation to Scotland, you will be required to complete a two stage process before allocation to your individual foundation programme. 

Phase 1 – You will be required to rank the groups in order of preference.  Groups are ”clusters” of programmes that are in a particular region.  You can rank them in any order e.g. N1, S6, W22, E1, E4 and do not have to rank all the programmes in one region together.

Phase 2 -  Once allocated to a group, you will be required to rank the individual programmes in that group which also provide you with information on the order of the rotation of placements.  You will then be matched to an individual programme.

Disclaimer: All applicants to Scotland will be guaranteed a two-year Foundation Programme. However it is important to note that even after being matched to and starting an individual programme within the two year Foundation Programme, you may have to change from the indicative allocated individual programme or have placements within your individual allocated programme altered at short notice.

This could be for a number of reasons, including your training needs, working time regulations, national directives and service redesign.

For all queries regarding Foundation Training in Scotland please contact

Please note that Scotland does not support or accredit doctors who wish to undertake their FY1 or FY2 year outside the UK.

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