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The North Region has eleven Foundation Programmes. N11 is an Academic Programme. Further information about Academic Programmes can be found here.

This is a recruitment website and is not used to provide information for current trainees. Current Foundation trainees should visit the Scotland Deanery website for information about their training.

All rotations are indicative and subject to change.

If allocated to a Foundation Programme in the North Region, you will be allocated to Foundation Year 1 in the first instance.  Options for rotation in the second year of your programme will be available part-way through Foundation Year 1, where you will be given a list of individual Programmes within your Programme Group to rank in order of preference and you will be allocated to an individual Programme for Foundation Year 2. Your individual Foundation Programme Director will coordinate this allocation process within your allocated programme which will take into account your preferences.  This will take place in advance of the timetable for specialty training applications.

Each foundation doctor will undertake three of these posts in pre-established rotations. The rotation is individually allocated by the programme director taking into account the preferences of the foundation doctor while ensuring a broad range of different specialties are experienced, balancing both the individuals' training needs and overall allocation for trainees in his/her foundation programme.

For all queries regarding foundation training in Scotland please contact

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