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Neurology and Rehabilitation (Spinal) Medicine

Individual Placement Description
Placement Neurology and Rehabilitation (Spinal) Medicine, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital
Programme W3,W4,W8,W13,W14,W15,W17,W23,W24
Year F2
Region West
Hospital(s) The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow
Main Duties of Placement

This unique post offers experience in both Neurology and Spinal Rehabilitation Medicine within the tertiary referral centre of the Institute of Neurosciences (INS) at the Queen Elizabeth University hospital in Glasgow. Roughly half of the time is spent in each and out of hours work covers both areas.

In Neurology experience will be gained in:

·         Management of patients with acute and chronic neurological disorders and acute stroke.

·         Daily neurology ward rounds with team.

·         Twice weekly multi-consultant-led ward rounds.

·         Weekly multi-disciplinary meetings with nurses, pharmacists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists.

·         Opportunity to sample a range of general neurology and specialist clinics (first seizure, epilepsy, headache, TIA, multiple sclerosis, muscle disorders, motor neuron disease).

In Spinal Rehabilitation Medicine the experience includes:

·         Managing patients treated in the National Spinal Injuries Unit, main duties involve ward management of acutely injured patients

·         Time spent acute ward looking after the patients with polytrauma, some of whom are ventilated. There is a daily review by Neuroanaesthetists of ventilated patients.

·         Time spent Rehabilitation Ward looking after the long-term medical needs of patients undergoing rehabilitation.

·         Twice daily High Dependency ward wounds.

·         There are opportunities to attend the weekly theatre session and specialised outpatient clinics.

Typical Work Pattern

The rota is a 10-person partial shift rolling rota which involves mainly 08:30 – 16:30 standard days with occasional out of hours cover (through long days or nights) of acute neurology, National Spinal Injuries, Physically Disabled Rehabilitation Unit.

Learning Opportunities

In Neurology:

·         Weekly Departmental Clinical Meeting (Wednesday 12:30 pm) - 1 hour, with Trainee scheduled to make at least 1 presentation.

·         Weekly Junior Doctor Training programme (Tuesday Midday) - 30 to 60 minutes.

·         Weekly Institute Neuroscience Academic Meeting (Wednesday 11am) - 1 hour.

·         Weekly Neuroradiology Meeting (Thursday 12:15pm) - 1 hour.

In Spinal Rehabilitation Medicine:

·         Weekly radiology meeting.

·         Monthly audit meeting (to which the FY2s will contribute).

·         Monthly clinical governance meeting

·         Monthly journal club with PDRU.


·         Weekly Junior Doctor training programme (Tuesday) - 1 hour

·         West region Foundation Training Programme.

·         Study leave and taster week are factored into the rota.

·         FY2 teaching on site.

·         Ward-based teaching arranged for membership exam.

Unique Selling Points

Whilst working in Neurology this post offers experience in a wide range of neurological disorders and in acute stroke care in the largest neuroscience centre in Scotland and the United Kingdom's leading acute stroke unit. There are opportunities to do audits, case presentations and write up case reports.

Whilst working in Spinal Rehabilitation Medicine this post offers the opportunity to look after polytrauma ventilated patients in HDU under very close direct. There is direct Consultant supervision with two ward rounds daily. Senior advice is always immediately available. Consultants have responsibility for a single trainee. As well as exposure to acute spinal cord medicine there is always the unique opportunity to work with the rehabilitation patients and follow patients for several weeks or months through the rehabilitation process.

Employer Information
It is important to note that this description is a typical example of your placement and may be subject to change.

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