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How to apply

The only way to obtain a Foundation programme in Scotland is via the UKFPO National Programme application process.


The UKFPO (external link) has published the  FP/AFP 2018 Applicants Handbook  (external link) relating to recruitment to the National Foundation Programme commencing in August 2018. 

The Scottish Foundation School encompasses all four Regions, with Foundation programmes designed to cover different specialties, populations, geographical diversity, teaching hospitals and remote and rural practice.

There are 845 individual programmes across the country that have been “clustered” together into 54 groups.  Four of these groups are designated academic foundation programmes which have been filled through the AFP recruitment process and are therefore not available to be ranked under the FP process.

If you are allocated to the Scottish Foundation School through Oriel, you will be required to undergo a 2 phase process of ranking.  This will be first to groups and then to individual programmes.  It is very important that you adhere to the deadlines and aware of when you will receive information and when you  must respond.  Any rankings and submissions after the published deadlines will not be honoured and you will be randomly allocated.

Applications can be made through Oriel:

The Oriel applicant portal is compatible with Internet Explorer 11, Safari 7+, Google Chrome 30+, Firefox 24+ and Edge. Applicants are advised to use one of these browsers when using the website and preferably the most up to date version of that browser.

Please note that the system is not compatible with Internet Explorer 7 – 10.

Dates/s FP/AFP 2018 application activity
26 June - 9 August 2017

Ensure you are eligible to apply (See Eligibility information for full guidance).

Eligibility submission period. If your medical school is outside the UK, or if you qualified from a UK medical school prior to 01 August 2016, you must register on Oriel and submit an eligibility application and supporting documentation by 12 noon (GMT) on Wednesday 09 August 2017.

21 August 2017 View available Academic foundation programmes.
AFPs in each AUoA are available to view on Oriel.
from 25 September 2017

All programmes available to view on Oriel; EPM decile scores available.

25 September – 13 October 2017 @ 12 noon

Register on Oriel.

Registration on Oriel. Applicants can register at any time during the application window until 12:00 (GMT) on Friday 13 October 2017.

Eligibility Office applicants will have already registered as part of the eligibility application process.

28 September 2017

Deadline for requests for reasonable adjustments to the SJT.
02 – 13 October 2017

National application period: complete the online FP application form (including FP preferences, Educational Achievements) and AFP application form(s) for individual AUoA vacancies.

Late applications will not be considered under any circumstances.

13 October 2017 Deadline for requests for pre-allocation to a particular UoA on the grounds of special circumstances.
16 October 2017 – 12 January 2018

AFP local short-listing and interviews.

Deadlines and processes for short-listing and interviews will vary by AUoA. Each AUoA will communicate with the applicants who apply to it.
23 October 2017

View verified scores for EPM educational achievements.

Your verified score for any educational achievements listed in your application will be available to view on your Oriel account.
01 December 2017 First SJT date
If you are registered for the SJT on this date you must attend.
08 January 2018 Second SJT date
If you are registered for the SJT on this date you must attend
11 January 2018 Deadline for providing evidence of Right to Work (RTW) for non-EEA applicants. AFP applications will be withdrawn if applicants are unable to provide satisfactory evidence by this time.
17 January – 14 February 2018

AFP national offers. Successful AFP applicants will receive offers during this period.

All offers must be accepted or declined on Oriel by the stated deadline(s).

08 March 2018

FP primary list allocation.

Applicants informed of allocation to Foundation School. SJT and total application scores viewable to applicants on Oriel. Applicants who have been allocated to a UoA as part of the initial allocation process, i.e. to the primary list, will be able to view their allocation and will be informed of how to rank groups and / or programmes within the timeline.

09 – 30 March 2018 Applicants are required to preference groups and / or individual programmes on Oriel in accordance with local timelines.
09 March – 09 April

Online references collected.

Referees will be asked to provide references as part of the standard pre-employment checks.

05 April 2018 FP primary list applicants notified of match to programme results. Applicants will receive an email containing information about which foundation programme they have been matched to by their allocated UoA.
May - August 2018 Pre-employment checks. Employers will also confirm your location of
employment, salary, pay banding (if applicable) and your rota.
from April 2018

Reserve list batch allocations.

The highest scoring applicants on the reserve list will be allocated to any vacancies that have arisen since the last allocation.

May 2018

Applicants are required to have provisional GMC registration with a licence to practise before employers will issue a contract of employment. Registering with the GMC is a different process from applying to the foundation programme. Applicants must apply to the GMC directly. The GMC recommendation is for applicants to apply in May 2018 to ensure they are registered before the start of the pre-employment shadowing period.

From July 2018

Contracts of employment issued.

Your employer will also confirm your salary, pay banding, location and starting rota. 
July/August 2018

Foundation Programme starts.Commencement of the 2018 UK Foundation Programme.

Newly appointed F1 doctors are required to attend a p riod of pre-employment shadowing of the F1 doctor they will be taking over from before the start of the programme. Employers will provide details of local arrangements. Applicants who have yet to sit / pass the Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA) will also be invited to sit the exam.

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