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General Practice Specialty Training

Apply for General Practice (Round 1) from 10am Thursday 7 November 2019 at the GPNRO website. Applications close 4pm Thursday 28 November 2019.

General Practice offers a career with variety, flexibility and challenge.  GPs work in teams to provide holistic and continuing care for patients and their families across a range of settings - urban, rural and in more remote communities.  GP training in Scotland reflects this variety with posts available in large cities, small towns, and in rural locations; all in a country world famous for its scenery and culture. 

Whatever your preferred lifestyle, GP Training in Scotland has it all:

  • Excellent training programmes with supportive and enthusiastic Educational Supervisors
  • High pass rates in MRCGP
  • Post training opportunities (such as Fellowship posts)
  • Unparalleled recreational, cultural and sporting opportunities

To find out what its like as a GP trainee in Scotland, read this first hand account from Dr Alex Thain.

What are you waiting for? Apply now for General Practice at the GPNRO website.

How to apply for a General Practice programme in Scotland in 2020

Round 2 applications for post commencement in 2020 will commence as outlined below:

Applications open at 10am on Thursday 7 November 2019

Applications close at 4pm on Thursday 28 November 2019

The GP National Recruitment Office (GPNRO) (external link) is the administrative body responsible for co-ordinating the nationally agreed and quality assured process for recruitment to GP Specialty Training Programmes in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  If you wish to apply only for General Practice, the GPNRO Website (external link) has all the documentation and guidance you require.

You do not apply to General Practice Training Programmes via the Scottish Medical Training website. However, if you wish to apply to other specialties in Scotland, in addition to General Practice, then you must do so via this website, or via the relevant recruiting website noted on the How To Apply page.

Please click on the link below for the 2020 GP Training brochure.

2020 GP Training Brochure (pdf)

For further information on training as a GP in Scotland and for details of the programmes on offer, please visit our Programme Information section.

For vacancy information, please view the GP Recruitment section.

Geographical Preferences & Offers 2020

Candidates must preference all programmes they wish to be considered for within the designated time-frame on the Oriel system. Preferences expressed in any other way (e.g. verbally or by email) or after the deadline will not be considered.

For further information on the geographical preference and offers process for GP Recruitment, please refer to the following links:

GPNRO Applicant Guidance 2020 (to be updated shortly)

Oriel Applicant User Guide 2020 (to be updated shortly)

Applying From Another Medical Specialty?

You may be able to shorten your GP training by six months through the Accreditation of Transferable Competences Framework process.  Follow this link for more information and ensure that you add this to your application if you are eligible.

Dr Rebecca Lindemann, GPST

Dr Rebecca Lindemann, GPST in Fort William talks about her journey from Brazil to Scotland and her options as a GPST

Preferencing? Consider posts in the Scottish Targeted Enhanced Recruitment Scheme (TERS)

Some posts in this round of recruitment are part of the Scottish Enhanced Targeted Recruitment Scheme (TERS) and have an additional payment of £20,000.

These posts are:

  • Caledonian
  • Rural Track
  • Ayrshire & Arran
  • Dumfries and Galloway
  • Lanarkshire
  • East of Scotland (Eastward)
  • East of Scotland (Westward)

Watch Dr David Hogg, a GP on the Isle of Arran, describe his life as a GP (RCGP video). Training in Ayrshire & Arran is in the Scheme.

Chris Hogge Large