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Individual Placement Description
Placement General Psychiatry: Learning Disabilities
Year F1
Region East
Hospital(s) Carseview Centre, Dundee
Main Duties of Placement

Main duties involve the LDAU ward, any jobs needing done during the day, to attend the Monday morning ward round (take notes and fill in forms for each patient), attend the Thursday morning kardex round (take short notes and document) and attend any patient meeting i.e. discharge planning.

In addition attend Tuesday morning clinic at Wedderburn House; see up to 3 new patients and obtain a full history from each patient.

Any on-call work as per the rota.

Typical Work Pattern

Work 9-5pm Monday - Friday. Cross-cover ward-based work only for the other LDAU trainee (usually ST1-3) when they are on holiday.

On call rota: 9-5pm day rota and 5pm -9am rota.

Learning Opportunities

Weekly meetings/journal clubs on Wednesday afternoon.

Weekly supervision for 1 hour with educational supervisor.

Learning opportunities throughout post during ward work/meetings.

  • Teaching Wednesday afternoon session during term time.
  • FY1 teaching as per delivered education programme.
Unique Selling Points

Lots of time to get to know the patients and get an idea of what learning disability psychiatry is all about. Friendly approachable nursing staff and SpR/Consultant.

Opportunities to sit in on various meetings e.g. discharge planning and update meetings about patients.

It is important to note that this description is a typical example of your placement and may be subject to change.

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