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Individual Placement Description
Placement General Adult Psychiatry
Year F2
Region North
Hospital(s) Dr Grays Hospital, Elgin
Main Duties of Placement

Each placement involves being attached to a catchment based team and getting to know in-patients and out-patients within this team. There are usually two ward rounds per week, with time spent on the ward during the week in assessing and managing in-patients. Outpatient clinics develop through the post from supervised assessment of patients to developing cases for ongoing review.

Typical Work Pattern

This is a post with a full-shift working pattern Mondays to Fridays, with fortnightly mid-week on-call shifts and weekends on-call every 8 weeks. On-calls are very supported by a long-standing OOH Nurse Practitioner service and senior medical staff. 

Learning Opportunities

There is a strong emphasis on learning through everyday clinical encounters with all assessments discussed with senior medical staff. A Clinical Psychiatry Meeting is held every Thursday at 4pm creating an opportunity to discuss clinical cases, journal articles and mental state examination. A Balint Group is incorporated into this meeting on a monthly basis to support staff with specific issues related to the doctor-patient interaction. 


F2s are encouraged to attend the F2 educational program (Fridays 2-4pm) and other hospital wide educational meetings.

Unique Selling Points

Remote and Rural Psychiatry provides an opportunity to work in a largely consultant-led and delivered service. Consultants are therefore very present and routinely available for direct supervision, support and both formal and informal teaching and training. By working closely alongside team Consultants, F2 staff are rapidly involved in team-working.

It is important to note that this description is a typical example of your placement and may be subject to change.

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