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Pre-allocation based on personal circumstances

If you need to be in a geographical location for your personal circumstances such as caring responsibilities, health reasons or for ongoing educational support to undertake your Foundation Programme, you can apply to the UKFPO to be considered for pre-allocation to a specific Foundation School in your initial application through Oriel. 

If your pre-allocation based on personal circumstances is approved and you are pre-allocated to the Scottish Foundation School using the national process and guidelines, the Scottish Foundation School administration team will contact you via the email address provided on your Oriel application.

As part of pre-allocation, the Scottish Foundation School cannot guarantee a specific Group or location but we will endeavour to meet your request to be placed in a particular region (East, North, South East or West). You will be asked to rank your top ten most preferred Groups and submit these to the Foundation School by e-mail. Your preferences must reflect the information you have given in your application form. The local Associate Postgraduate Dean for your prefered region will allocate you to a Group based upon the information in your application, your home location, your Group preferences, and the overall Group allocations for applicants approved for pre-allocation. Applicants approved for pre-allocation are not guaranteed their first choice of Group.

This process will take place ahead of allocations to Unit of Application therefore we will not have access to your total allocation score during this process.

If the Foundation Programme is over-subscribed and there are more applicants than places, pre-allocation to a specific Foundation School on the grounds of personal circumstances is only guaranteed for those who have a high enough application score to make the primary list. Other applicants will be placed on the reserve list.

All applicants applying through for pre-allocation who are on the primary list will be informed of their Group allocation at the same time as other applicants.

Please also see the pre-allocation based on personal circumstances FAQs on this website. If you have any other queries please contact