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Individual Placement Description
Placement Cardiology
Programme W18,W20
Year F2
Region West
Hospital(s) University Hospital Monklands, Airdrie
Main Duties of Placement

Ward rounds.


Three week placement in the Acute Receiving Unit.

Typical Work Pattern

Band 2b.

15 week rolling rota.

Usually on base ward.

Occasionally required to cross cover another specialty.

Learning Opportunities

Ward-based teaching.

Opportunity to observe angiography, echo cardiograms, TOE etc.


Protected Tuesday lunchtime teaching.

Wednesday lunchtime hospital meeting.

F2 days away teaching.

F2 clinical skills week.

Monthly academic half day.

Unique Selling Points

Opportunity to become familiar with the management of dysrythmias.

Regular elective cardioversion session.

Employer Information
It is important to note that this description is a typical example of your placement and may be subject to change.

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