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Individual Placement Description
Placement Endocrinology and Diabetes
Programme W17
Year F2
Region West
Hospital(s) Glasgow Royal Infirmary
Main Duties of Placement

Time is split 50:50 on the rota between Acute Medicine (medical receiving wards and AAU) and the downstream Endocrine and diabetes wards.

Acute Medicine: whilst on the receiving wards this mainly involves attending the consultant ward round twice a day and carrying out the jobs generated from these. There are some opportunities to learn new practical skills including lumbar puncture and ascitic taps. In acute medicine the majority of the time is spent on the receiving wards and only 1 week in AAU. In AAU, there is more opportunity to clerk patients in from both GP referrals and A&E. There is also valuable exposure to new practical skills including US guided cannulation. All night shifts in this job are during the acute medicine blocks. These give exposure to ‘the deteriorating patient’, and more responsibility as you are often the most senior doctor on the receiving wards.

Downstream Endocrine and Diabetes wards: a typical morning involves reviewing patients on the ward round, sometimes with medical student teaching. This is followed by the completion of jobs generated by the ward round, review of sick patients, family updates and discussions with PT/OT. Consultant ward rounds take place twice a week.  

Opportunities to attend OP clinics – scheduled at least twice during placement.

Typical Work Pattern

Time is split 50:50 on the rota between Acute Medicine (medical receiving wards and AAU) and the downstream Endocrine and Diabetes wards. Whilst on ward days the shifts are 9am-5pm, whereas on acute medicine all shifts are 08:30-20:45, or 20:30-08:45, with more out of hours and weekend shifts.

Learning Opportunities

Diabetes departmental lunch time meeting on a Tuesday.

General medicine lunch time meeting on a Friday.

Juniors are given the opportunity to present cases at these meetings.

OP Clinic attendance.

Medical Grand Rounds each Wednesday lunchtime

Good support from supervisors to help you reach any specific aims that you may have e.g. taking post-grad exams, writing papers, QI projects and research.


Medical students were on placement in the department throughout the job. Ample opportunity to deliver medical student teaching, from morning ward rounds, bed side teaching or small group tutorials.

Opportunity to take part in the Near Peer Coaching scheme, which designates each medical student a junior medical coach. This is great teaching experience and helps guide learning to student-specific needs.

Unique Selling Points

Fantastic medical experience as a medical F2 in acute medicine, clerking in and managing acutely unwell patients.

Very supportive department who are keen to teach and get to know you as a person too.

Outpatient diabetes clinic opportunities.

Employer Information
It is important to note that this description is a typical example of your placement and may be subject to change.

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