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Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an interview where you can book a slot through Oriel.

All interviews will be conducted online via Microsoft Teams on 30th November and 1st December 2022.  No alternative dates will be offered.  If you are invited for interview, you will be responsible for booking a time slot on Oriel.

Applicants are reminded that this is a formal interview, and you will be expected to ensure that you have an appropriate room for the duration of the interview including laptop/PC, camera, microphone and a strong internet connection.

Each interview will be managed by an administrator who will admit you into the interview at the appropriate time. You will need to state your name and show photographic ID to the camera. You will also be asked to show the administrator the room in which you are sitting to verify that there are no other individuals with you. You will do this by rotating your computer or other device around the room to show that it is empty. The administrator will then pass you over to the interview panel to commence the interview. 

Applicants invited to interview will be assessed and scored on the day by the same two panellists for the entire interview rather than move virtually between panellists.

Interviews will be 20 minutes in length and scored by each panellist. Each applicant will be asked 4 questions covering both clinical and academic scenarios plus the panellists will give a global interview score.

Each panellist will score applicants out of 50 (10 points for each question plus 10 points for global interview score) with maximum score for the interview being 100 points.

Following the interview applicants will be awarded a final score which will consist of the individual’s score for shortlisting plus combined panellist score for interview. Therefore, the maximum SFP combined score will be out of 150 points.

Evidence of publications, presentations and prizes will be requested from all SFP applicants who are invited to interview. 

Please also see the SFP FAQs or email