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SFP Recruitment

Under the UK recruitment process, Scotland acts as one Specialised Unit of Application (SUoA) which is part of the Scottish Foundation School. Applications for Specialised Programmes are completed through the main recruitment system Oriel.

Applicants choosing to apply for Specialised Foundation Programmes will do this as part of the primary Foundation programme (FP) application form on Oriel, which includes the option to apply for Specialised Foundation Programme (SFPs) and Foundation Priority Programmes (FPPs). Applicants will receive an automated e-mail from Oriel to confirm submission of their application.

Please read the UKFP 2022 Applicant Handbook and the Scottish AFP Handbook for 2022 Recruitment before continuing with your application.

For FAQs about Specialised Foundation Programme recruitment, please click here.


Please click here for the short-listing criteria for the Scottish Foundation School for 2022 SFP recruitment, including details of the white space questions which will be scored from your application. Evidence of additional degrees, publications, presentations and prizes will be requested from all SFP applicants who are invited to interview. Guidance on suitable evidence can be found in our SFP FAQs.

If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to attend a structured interview. If you are invited for interview, you will be responsible for booking a time slot on Oriel.


Interviews will take place remotely using Microsoft Teams. Applicants will be interviewed by 2 panellists and will be asked questions by the panel.


Applicants can ammend their SFP preferences until the deadline specified by the UKFPO. Please note that SFP offers in Scotland will be made based on your post preference (e.g. E07001, W32001) and not solely on your programme interest as per your application (e.g. Research, Education and Teaching, Leadership and Management).

All offers must be accepted or declined on Oriel by the stated deadline. All offers are released through Oriel, so applicants are reminded to check their account regularly. If you do not respond by the deadline, it will be assumed that you wish to decline the offer. You will automatically be moved to the FP allocation process.

Please note that if you reject an initial offer from a Specialised UoA you cannot be put back on the reserve list in order to be offered another SFP post.



SFP Activity

29th August 2021

View available Specialised Foundation Programme

SFPs in each SUoA are available to view on Oriel.

1st September 2021  – 22nd September 2021

Register on Oriel

You will be sent an email containing a link to a URL. You will only be able to register if you have been nominated by your Medical School/UKFPO.

8th September 2021 – 22nd September 2021

Complete the online Foundation Programme application form (including FP preferences, Educational Achievements, additional questions for SFPs and select if you wish to be considered for FPPs)

The application period closes at 12noon on 22nd September 2021. Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.

23rd September 2021  – 6th January 2022

Scottish SFP Local Recruitment Process e.g. long-listing, short-listing, interviews

24th and 25th  November 2021


12th January 2022 - 9th February 2022

SFP offers and offer cascade

Successful SFP applicants will receive offers during this period.



12th January 2022 – 14th January 2022

Initial offers for SFP

19th January 2022 – 21st January 2022

First Offer Cascade

26th January 2022 – 28th January 2022

Second Offer Cascade

2nd February 2022 – 4th February 2022

Third Offer Cascade

7th February 2022 – 9th February 2022

Final ‘Mop-Up’ of Offers to SFP