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Speciality: Acute Care Common Stem - Acute Medicine (ACCS-AM)

Programme Description
GMC Reference: EOS/404

The ACCS Rotation in the East Region of Scotland Deanery is a three-year programme where trainees gain experience and competencies in all four acute care specialties: Emergency Medicine, Acute Internal Medicine, Anaesthetics and Intensive care Medicine.

Trainees are appointed to one of the 3 base specialities (Acute Internal Medicine, Anaesthetics or Emergency Medicine) and subject to satisfactory acquirement of competencies, will progress through their respective training programmes.

The ACCS programme in East of Scotland comprises of 12 months of Anaesthetics including ITU and 6 months each of Emergency Medicine and Acute Internal Medicine. The 3rd year is dedicated to individual speciality training.

Experience is gained in a number of different hospitals and units to maximize the trainees’ exposure to different resource-based services and clinicians.

ACCS Acute Internal Medicine, East of Scotland Deanery (Ninewells Hospital and Perth Royal Infirmary)

The three-year ACCS Acute Internal Medicine program rotates between Acute Medicine (18 months) Anaesthetics/ITU (12 months) and Emergency Medicine (6 months). It is suitable for trainees who wish to pursue a career in Acute Internal Medicine or another medical specialty where such experience would be desirable.

The Acute Medicine training will be undertaken in an Acute Internal Medicine Unit and General Medical/Specialty Wards.   Competencies will be gained in Emergency Medicine, General Anaesthestics and Critical Care. 

Research, audit, teaching and management opportunities

The East Region of Scotland Deanery is situated in Tayside, which is a beautiful area to live and work within. It has varied geography and offers diverse interests for individuals and families, from a thriving city life in Dundee, to outdoor activities in Angus, Perthshire and North Fife. It has good road and rail networks to the other areas of Scotland. The quality of life in Tayside is excellent with easy access to beautiful countryside for sport and leisure as well as world-renowned facilities for golf.

Training within the East Region of Scotlnad Deanery is trainee focused with attention to individual trainee needs and aspirations. Ninewells is a University teaching hospital with opportunities to become involved in research.  Trainees are encouraged to do a quality improvement project while they are in Acute Internal Medicine.

Where is the training delivered?
Training is delivered across:

Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, Perth Royal Infirmary

East of Scotland – Placements:

Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

Perth Royal Infirmary

Acute Medicine Unit, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

Emergency Dept Ninewells Dundee

Anaesthetics/ITU Ninewells Dundee

General Medicine/Speciality Medicine(Cardiology, Renal, Resp, GI, ID) Ninewells Dundee

Emergency Dept Perth Royal

Anaesth/ITU Dept Perth Royal

General Medicine Perth Royal

Contacts and Useful Links
Programme Type Deanery based or National: Deanery
Administration office West of Scotland
Lead Dean / Director Professor Adam Hill
Responsible Associate Postgraduate Dean or Assistant Director (GP) Professor Graham Leese
Specialty or Sub-specialty Specialty or Sub-specialty: Specialty
Date of GMC recent approval January 2014
Associated Royal College - Faculty
Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (web site)
Curriculum and Associated Assessment System
Programme Administrator: Named Programme Administrator: Mrs Margaret McDove
Address: NHS Education for Scotland GLASGOW G3 8BW
Programme Director Programme Director Name: Dr Alistair Douglas
Address: Dr Alistair Douglas Consultant Acute Medicine Unit Ninewells Hospital Dundee DD1 9SY
Quality of Training Quality Management

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