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Speciality: General (Internal) Medicine

Programme Description
GMC Reference: SES/398

General (Internal) Medicine (GIM) is an integral part of obtaining CCT in specialty and GIM.  In South East Scotland, this programme is run over 2 years of high itensity medicine in contrast to many other deaneries which run it as a 1 year high intensity and 2 years low intensity.  For many specialties, GIM is a placement in a district general hospital and these sites include St. John's Hospital in Livingston, Borders General Hospital in Melrose and Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy.  During this year, you will be exposed to the unselected general medicine take as well as being attached to different specialty teams and be involved in a variety of specialty out-patient clinics.  At least one session per week should be within your base specialty to ensure continued focus on your specialty training.

Subsequent GIM experience for the second year of high intensity medicine will be in the central hospitals and these sites include Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.  During this time, you will also achieve your ITU and coronary care experience and will, in your latter years, be encouraged to undertake management training as per the curriculum.

Quality improvement projects/audits are an integral part of the curriculum that you should be actively involved with during GIM training and these activities are encouraged.

THere are 6 training days per year held at the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh which runs a rolling programme over a 3 year period to cover the majority of the GIM curriculum.  These training days are a mixture of update lectures and some interactive sessions.  Attendance of 75% of training days is mandatory.

The GMC Survey indicates very high satisfaction of the GIM Training Programme from trainees.

Training in teaching methods is also encouraged and there is a rolling programme run by the South East Faculty of Clinical Educators which can lead to formal qualifications in teaching.



Research, audit, teaching and management opportunities

Entry to specialty in GIM Programmes may be either through completion of a Core Medical Training (CMT) Programme or robust evidence of equivalence.  Acquisition of the MRCP diploma is mandatory prior to entry to a ST3 post.

Where is the training delivered?
Training is delivered across:

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, St Johns Hospital, Livingston, Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, Borders General Hospital, Melrose

Contacts and Useful Links
Programme Type Deanery based or National: Deanery
Administration office South-East of Scotland
Lead Dean / Director Professor Adam Hill
Responsible Associate Postgraduate Dean or Assistant Director (GP) Dr Clive Goddard
Specialty or Sub-specialty Specialty or Sub-specialty: Sub-specialty
Date of GMC recent approval August 2009
Associated Royal College - Faculty
Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (web site)
Curriculum and Associated Assessment System
Programme Administrator: Named Programme Administrator:
Address: NHS Education for Scotland, 1st Floor, 102 West Port, Edinburgh, EH3 9DN
Programme Director Programme Director Name: Dr Kerri Baker
Quality of Training Quality Management

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