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Specialty Recruitment Contacts

All Scotland specific enquiries should be made to 

Enquiried relating to the recruitment and application process for each specialty should be made to the Lead Recruiter for the specialty, whose contact details can be found below.  




Acute Internal Medicine ST4

Anaesthetics & ACCS Anaesthetics CT1 

Anaesthetics National Recruitment Office

Anaesthetics ST4

Anaesthetics National Recruitment Office

Broad Based Training CT1

Cardiology ST4

Cardiothoracic Surgery ST1 & ST3

Chemical Pathology ST3

Clinical Genetics ST3
Clinical Neurophysiology ST3
Clinical Oncology ST3 London and KSS (LaKSS) Recruitment
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics ST4

Clinical Radiology ST1

London and KSS (LaKSS) Recruitment

Combined Infection Training ST3 & ST4

Community Sexual and Reproductive Health ST1

Core Psychiatry CT1

Core Surgical Training CT1

London and KSS (LaKSS) Recruitment

Dermatology ST3
Diagnostic Neuropathology ST3 London and KSS (LaKSS) Recruitment
Emergency Medicine - ACCS CT1/ST1 London and KSS (LaKSS) Recruitment
Emergency Medicine ST3 DREEM & ST4 Health Education England - Yorkshire & Humber 
Endocrinology and Diabetes ST4

Forensic Histopathology ST3
Gastroenterology ST4
General (Internal) Medicine) ST4

General Practice ST1 (Scotland Enquiries)

GP National Recruitment Office (UK Enquiries)

General Surgery ST3

London and KSS (LaKSS) Recruitment
Genitourinary Medicine (GUM) ST4
Geriatric Medicine ST4
Haematology ST3

Histopathology ST1

London and KSS (LaKSS) Recruitment

Immunology ST3

London and KSS (LaKSS) Recruitment

Intensive Care Medicine ST3

ICM National Recrutiment Office

Internal Medicine Training / ACCS Internal Medicine CT1

IMT National Recruitment Office 
Medical Oncology ST3 London and KSS (LaKSS) Recruitment

Medical Ophthalmology ST4 

Neurology ST4

Neurosurgery ST1 & ST2

Nuclear Medicine ST3

Please note - nuclear medicine is not participating in the national Physician HST recruitment process but is recruited alongside radiology which is coordinated by London and KSS (LaKSS) Recruitment

Obstetrics and Gynaecology ST1 & ST3

Occupational Medicine ST3

London and KSS (LaKSS) Recruitment

Ophthalmology ST1 & ST3

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery ST1 & ST3

Otolaryngology (ENT) ST3

Paediatric Cardiology ST4
Paediatric Surgery ST3

Paediatrics ST1

Paediatric National Recruitment Office

Paediatrics ST3 & ST4

Paediatric National Recruitment Office

Palliative Medicine ST4
Plastic Surgery ST3 London and KSS (LaKSS) Recruitment
Psychiatry ST4 (all programmes)
Public Health ST1
Rehabilitation Mecicine ST3
Renal Medicine ST4
Respiratory Medicine ST4 
Rheumatology ST4 London and KSS (LaKSS) Recruitment

Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery ST1

Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery ST3
Urology ST3
Vascular Surgery ST3 London and KSS (LaKSS) Recruitment