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This is a recruitment website and is not used to provide information for current trainees. Current Foundation trainees should visit the Scotland Deanery website for information about their training.

The East Region has 8 Foundation Programmes.  All rotations are indicative and subject to change. 

E07 is a Specialised Foundation Programme (SFP) and further information about Specialised Foundation Programmes can be found here.

The process below describes allocation to the Foundation Programme in the East region. 


F1 Allocation

If you are allocated to a Foundation Programme in the East you will be allocated to one Group (e.g. E01) for F1 and F2, however your initial Programme allocation (e.g. E01001) is for F1 only.

Part-way through F1 you will be given a list of options for F2 to rank in order of preference and your Foundation Programme Director (FPD) will allocate you to a rotation for your F2 training year.


F2 Allocation

Your F2 allocation will take into account your preferences and will ensure a broad range of different specialties are experienced, balancing both the individuals’ training needs and overall allocation of trainees within your Group.

Your F2 allocation will come from the same Group as your F1 allocation.

For your F2 posts, you are usually asked to submit your ranking preferences around October/November.

You will be given the list of individual F2 posts available within your Group to rank in order of preference. It is likely that you will be allocated one post from the top third of your preferences, one from the middle third and one from the lower third. The main variable determining post availability is the preferences of the other Foundation doctors in your group.

Your FPD will coordinate this allocation process within your Group. Your FPD will consider your preferences, while ensuring a broad range of different specialties are experienced.  

The F2 allocations are usually announced in February.

Over the two years of Foundation training in the East, all trainees will have a minimum of one post in Dundee and one post out with the city. 

A maximum of three surgical posts will be permitted over the two-year programme. Surgical posts include general surgery urology, plastic surgery, otolaryngology, vascular surgery, trauma and orthopaedic surgery. Emergency medicine and obstetrics and gynaecology are not surgical posts.

No repeat posts where possible are permitted e.g. Ninewells Hospital, Renal Medicine in F1 and F2.

Example: Fiona is allocated to Scotland as her Unit of Application (U0A). She ranks her Group preferences and is allocated to E01. She then ranks her Programme preferences and is allocated to E01001 for her F1 year. During F1, she is sent a list of options for F2. These options are still within E01. She ranks her preferences from 1 to 15 and is allocated an individually constructed programme (rotation) in Emergency medicine, general practice and general psychiatry for her F2 year.

For all queries regarding foundation training in Scotland please contact 

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