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Individual Placement Description
Placement General (Internal) Medicine
Year F1
Region North
Hospital(s) Western Isles Hospital, Stornoway
Main Duties of Placement

Daily ward rounds.

Ward work.

Bleep holder for A&E calls and/or bleep holder for Acute Medical Assessments (AMAU) (GP referral) patients.

Arrange and communicate with Scottish Health Boards the transfer and retrieval of sick patients with Consultant input.

Develop front line clinical decision making and responsibilities with the support of an excellent clinical network (Consultants, Emergency Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Support Nurses). 

Typical Work Pattern

Typically 3 long days (8am-8.30pm) and 4 short days (8am-4.30pm) (Subject to change).

Learning Opportunities

Fantastic learning opportunities through Consultant-led ward rounds. Primary contact for A&E presentations. Develop assessment and management of acutely ill patient. Clinically arrange and communicate the retrieval/transfer of a sick patient. Work in a rural hospital and have the opportunity to develop extended clinical skills. Present patient updates at handover. Lead/present to MDTs Audits and Quality Improvement projects. Act within the Cardiac Arrest Team with an assigned role. Opportunity to attend OPD medical clinics. To cross cover specialities and have extended learning. There is the opportunity and possibility to attend clinics.


Consultant-led teaching on wards and rounds. Receive NES contractual teaching via Video Conference. M&M Teaching. RCPE Evening Medical updates Live Webex. To present cases at Mortality and Morbidity Meetings. You will get a broad based medical experience and enhanced unique learning opportunities. 

Unique Selling Points

All Educational and Clinical Supervisors are GMC Registered Recognised Trainers. The National Training Survey shows consistent high quality feedback from previous trainee Doctors. NHS Western Isles utilises technology and looks to continually develop this. NHS WI staff accommodation is of a high standard within walking distance to the hospital and has wifi. The hospital itself also has public wifi. The canteen offers a wide range of freshly prepared meals with staff discount. The Doctors Rest Room has been recently fully refurbished and has a kitchen.

The NHS Western Isles Hospital is a warm and welcoming place to train and values the Doctors who come here. Western Isles is a beautiful safe place steeped in history and culture going back thousands of years and is well known for the kindness and hospitality shown by the residents.

It is important to note that this description is a typical example of your placement and may be subject to change.

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