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Individual Placement Description
Placement Paediatric Surgery
Year F1
Region North
Hospital(s) Royal Aberdeen Childrens Hospital
Main Duties of Placement

Cover all Surgical Paediatric sub specialities (Ortho, ENT Plastics, Neuro, Dental and Max Fac.) but main duties and direct supervision is under the General Paediatric Surgical Team. Attend ward rounds and complete jobs generated from them.

Ward duties: reviewing sick patients, clerk patients both elective and emergency, take GP referrals, ward-based and in-theatre minor procedures. Opportunities to attend theatre and clinic. 

Typical Work Pattern

Full Shift : Normal Day 08:00 – 17:00

                Long Day 08:00 – 20:30         

                      including every 4th weekend

                Nights 20:30 – 09:00

                      two sets 1 x4nights and 1x3nights                                                                                     

Cover paediatric medicine as well as surgery at night.

Learning Opportunities

Recognition of well and unwell child and their management.

Learning about Paediatric Surgical and Medical conditions.

Management of children with complex needs. Prescribing fluids and medications in children. Nutrition.

Communication skills with children, parents, other medical specialities and allied health professionals.

Procedural skills in children.

Teaching and supervising medical students with feedback.

Complete a quality improvement project. 


Mon 12:30 -13:30: Departmental bleep free.

    All FY1s will lead at least one session and get DCT form completed for this.

    Histology meeting once a month.

Tue 13:00-14:00: Twice monthly X-ray meeting.

Thur 12:30–13:30: NES FY1 teaching bleep free.

Every FY1 will have a half day Paediatric Immersive simulation session.

Monthly half day hospital wide interprofessional CME meetings – elective activity cancelled.

Unique Selling Points

Very friendly and supportive department and hospital. Have direct daily consultant supervision and close senior support for all activities performed. Work in cohesive MDT including nurses, play specialists, pharmacists, dieticians, physiotherapists, etc. Dedicated allocated rota time for attendance to theatre or clinic. Very proactive teaching within department both receiving and delivering. Immersion simulation sessions.

It is important to note that this description is a typical example of your placement and may be subject to change.

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