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Individual Placement Description
Placement Paediatric Surgery
Year F1
Region South-East
Hospital(s) Royal Hospital for Children and Young People, 50 Little France Crescent, Edinburgh, EH16 4SF
Main Duties of Placement

Assessment of surgical inpatients both routine and emergency presentations. Planning investigations, monitoring and follow up of patients. Keeping written records and ensuring good verbal communication. All activities appropriate to level of experience.

Typical Work Pattern

Full shift which includes normal days (8:00-16:30) long days (8:00-20:45) and nights (20:30-09:00). All work patterns include ward and A&E duties and have a built in handover period. WTR compliant.

Learning Opportunities

Regular opportunities for ward based teaching and MDT meetings in most areas (1-2 hours per week). Opportunities to teach medical students which is always a learning experience.


Weekly departmental clinical teaching (2 hours). Hospital FY/paediatric teaching programme 2 hours per week.

Unique Selling Points

Excellent all round exposure to paediatric surgery both acute and chronic conditions. Opportunity to see how community and hospital work together. Excellent senior support.

It is important to note that this description is a typical example of your placement and may be subject to change.

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