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Individual Placement Description
Placement Urology
Year F1
Region South-East
Hospital(s) Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
Main Duties of Placement

Morning ward round starts at 8:00am with fellow FY1 and registrars. Up to 24 patients on each ward.

Usually 1-2 clerk-ins per day. Family discussions, especially post op.

If ward jobs are completed then theatre experience can be gained. Theatre teams are extremely welcoming.

Typical Work Pattern

Shift pattern is quite random. Some days it is 8am-5pm, then on-call shifts are 8am-8:30pm and the back shift is 2pm-10pm. The on-call doctor covers urology patients on ward 22, 56, 57, 58 and new patients into ARAU. The back shift does all post-op reviews.

Weekends have one FY1 on-call and one on the back shift.

Learning Opportunities

Two consultants are keen to do ward-based teaching weekly. Weekly radiology meeting. Audit opportunities are available.


1 hour mandatory FY1 teaching. Informal ward-based teaching with the 2 consultants already mentioned.

Unique Selling Points

There are no FY2 doctors and so there are great opportunities to gain valuable experience on the ward, and in theatre if time is available. When on-call it is the job of the FY1 to clerk in the patient, consider a plan and discuss this with the registrar on-call. This is a brilliant learning opportunity.

It is important to note that this description is a typical example of your placement and may be subject to change.

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