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Individual Placement Description
Placement Vascular Surgery
Year F1
Region South-East
Hospital(s) Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
Main Duties of Placement
  • Attending daily consultant ward rounds.
  • Daily ward jobs: IDLs, referrals, review of sick patients.
  • Evening ward cover.
  • Clerking of both elective and emergency vascular patients.
Typical Work Pattern
  • 3 shift types: early (0745 – 1600), late (1300 – 2100) and long day (0800 – 2030).
  • Early FY1 takes H@N handover and prepares notes for ward round.
  • Late FY1 is responsible for clerking new patients to the ward.
  • Weekend cover is by one FY1 on a long shift (0800-2030).
Learning Opportunities
  • Friday morning presentations before grand round.
  • Learning opportunities on consultant ward rounds.
  • Frequent opportunities for informal teaching from all members of the team.
  • Weekly FY1 hospital-wide FY1 teaching (1 hour).
  • Weekly surgical department teaching for surgical FY1s and FY2s (1 hour).
Unique Selling Points
  • Frequent opportunities to assist in theatre.
  • Lots of patient contact - frequent opportunities to review and manage patients on the ward.
  • Enthusiastic senior team keen to provide learning opportunities.
It is important to note that this description is a typical example of your placement and may be subject to change.

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