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Individual Placement Description
Placement Intensive Care Medicine
Programme W17
Year F1
Region West
Hospital(s) Glasgow Royal Infirmary
Main Duties of Placement

Admission and discharge of patients from ICU East.

Opportunity for supervised assessment of emergency ICU referrals from the wards.

Ward rounds in ICU East.

Providing continuity for patient management and liaising with surgical and other referring teams.

Keeping good quality records and ensuring that patient orientated quality improvement projects are progressed.

Typical Work Pattern

8am-8pm for 5 days then off clinical duties for 5 days.

Learning Opportunities

Teaching on ward round.

Real time feedback on acute cases seen.

Medical procedures.

Weekly Thursday morning tutorial teaching.

Tuesday afternoons: Critical Care grand round, quality improvement programme review, CME slot (weekly), mortality and morbidity review (monthly).


1 hour weekly hospital FY1 teaching.

1 hour weekly hospital grand round.

Unique Selling Points

Assessment and management of critically ill and highly dependent patients under direct consultant supervision.

Plenty of opportunities to achieve clinical skills and core procedures under direct consultant supervision.

Becoming familiar with resuscitation of the sick septic patient, and also looking after the routine post operative major surgical patients in the HDU.

Providing appropriate fluids and pain relief and getting experience in the identification of and management of any complications.

Employer Information
It is important to note that this description is a typical example of your placement and may be subject to change.

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