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Individual Placement Description
Placement General Surgery
Programme W28,W29,W32
Year F2
Region West
Hospital(s) Glasgow Royal Infirmary
Main Duties of Placement

Duties include receiving surgical emergency patients, assessing and treating acutely unwell or post-op patients in HDU and being part of the elective surgery team for one of the sub-specialties.

The latter aspect of the post includes supervision of FY1 doctors in ward work, outpatient clinic work and some theatre and endoscopic work. If the trainee is interested, then opportunities for minor surgery and some straightforward endoscopy can be provided and will be supervised by senior staff.

Typical Work Pattern

Full shift pattern for on-call with both day and night shifts. Night shift 3 or 4 nights consecutively. Elective work/SHDU day time 8am-4.30pm.

Learning Opportunities

Formal hospital teaching session for FY2 doctors; see above re:specialty meetings weekly as well as mortality meetings monthly and hospital meetings. Wide access to internet and therefore e-learning. Busy post with many opportunities to learn during clinical care.


All teams are involved in research and audit and each team has a separate MDT weekly. There is a surgical mortality meeting monthly and a hospital meeting weekly.

Unique Selling Points

All trainees are closely supervised. Most consultant teams do at least one ward round daily and often two. Emergency receiving is consultant-led, with senior trainees also living in at night and actively involved in patient care.

Tertiary gastrointestinal surgery practice by 16 consultant GI surgeons covering oesophago-gastric; HPB and colorectal surgery.

Employer Information
It is important to note that this description is a typical example of your placement and may be subject to change.

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