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Individual Placement Description
Placement Anaesthetics
Year F1
Region South-East
Hospital(s) St Johns Hospital, Livingston
Main Duties of Placement

As the anaesthetics FY1 you will always be with someone more senior. This is usually a consultant but may be a senior trainee. As you gain more experience you will be given more responsibility, andwill be soon be expected to assess patients by yourself and report back to the anaesthetist with whom you are for that day. 

Duties: Each morning you should start at 8am. You should identify the patients on your list for that day and start seeing them before theatre starts at 9am. Your senior should join you before 8.30am and you will see the patients between you. If you have any questions about a patient you can easily discuss with the senior anaesthetist with whom you are for the day. 

The usual tasks you will be expected to do are cannulation, simple airway management and insertion of laryngeal masks. You will also get a chance to learn intubation and hopefully some more complex procedures like arterial lines etc. You  will also spend some time in ITU.,

Typical Work Pattern

Usual shifts are 8am to 5.00pm.

Sometimes if the list finishes early you get away before this; rarely lists overrun. 
There are long day weekend shifts 8am to 8.30pm which occur approximately every 4 weeks. 

Learning Opportunities

There are often meetings at lunchtimes in the anaesthetic seminar room, which are usually very interesting and informative. 
Every Wednesday is the ITU meeting, when the consultant on for that week presents the inpatients on ITU and discusses interesting issues. Unfortunatelythis clashes with FY1 teaching, but it is worthwhile trying to get to the ITU meeting if you can. 

Obviously this is a great job for teaching on a day to day basis as you are always with someone much more senior than you and the anaesthetists at St Johns are really friendly and more than willing to teach if you show enthusiasm. 


As above plus mandatory FY1 teaching by SJH Wednesday lunchtime. 

Unique Selling Points

This is an excellent FY1 job - especially for those interested in anaesthetics as a career in the future. You learn loads and the department is extremely friendly. 

It is not as big as the anaesthetic departments in some of the other hospitals in Edinburgh and so you will get to know everyone before the 4 months is up. You learn a lot of skills that you wouldn't be exposed to on the wards and so is worthwhile. 

It is important to note that this description is a typical example of your placement and may be subject to change.

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