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The West Region has twenty-nine Foundation Programmes. W32 is the Specialised  Foundation Programme (SFP). Further information about Specialised Programmes can be found here.

W09 and W22 are Foundation Priority Programmes (FPP), and W10 and W23 include some FPP posts and some regular posts. Further information about the Foundation Priority Programme can be found here.

This is a recruitment website and is not used to provide information for current trainees. Current Foundation trainees should visit the Scotland Deanery website for information about their training.

All rotations are indicative and subject to change. Please note, from 2021 to 2023, the number of Scottish Foundation F1 and F2 posts are being increased. The main effect is that by 2023, 50% of all Scottish F2 trainees will experience a block in General Practice. Enhanced community exposure during Foundation training is part of both the recent UK Foundation Programme Review and Scottish Government Health Department policy.

If allocated to a Foundation Programme in the West Region, you will be allocated to a two-year fixed programme.

For all queries regarding Foundation training in Scotland please contact

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