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Scottish Medical Training

Scotland - the home of medical excellence

Medical training in Scotland is an excellent choice

Why Choose Scotland

Scotland has a long history of invention, discovery and innovation. From explorers to scientists to philosophers and writers, Scotland has produced people and inventions that have been adopted across the world.

Its medical history is no different. Pioneers in imaging, pharmacology, antiseptics and genetics have contributed valuable ideas to the development of medical practice and academic research. This work is still going on today within universities and tech companies.

World renowned Universities provide well recognised undergraduate medical degrees which, regulated by the General Medical Council, mean graduates can and do work across the globe.

The largest Foundation School in the UK means more choice. Applicants can choose by location and specialty to find the Foundation programme that is right for them, whether it is to try out a specialty or area to see what it is like, or to focus on an already determined career path.

Once the foundation years are past, again Scottish medical training offers excellence in GP training - the South East was first in the GMC survey for overall satisfation in 2013 - from remote and rural track programmes to working in the heart of Scotland's largest city.

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Speciality training is available across Scotland, again allowing a choice of lifestyle, specialty, generalism or specialism in a tertiary national centre.

Whatever you are looking for in your medical training, you will find it here.

Scotland - home of medical excellence


My experience of training in Scotland was excellent. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about a career in medicine.

Scottish Medical Training