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Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG)

We have expanded our Trainee onboarding service to NHSScotland to include disclosure/criminal record checks via the Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG Scheme), provided by Disclosure Scotland, for all Medical including Foundation year, LAT trainees, Dental Core and Dental Specialty Registrar Trainees in Scotland.

This means that trainees can now choose to complete a PVG application once, for the duration of their training in Scotland.

In order to become the interested party, NES must first submit a PVG application form to Disclosure Scotland. NES will make the initial application, on the employers behalf, for doctors and dentists in training to become a member of the PVG scheme, and will share all PVG related information with the employer, allowing Health Boards to assess the suitability of the trainees to take up posts*.

NES will receive all notifications of consideration for listing from Disclosure Scotland, who have indicated that they believe that this will improve the current process by preventing the risk of notifications falling between employers. NES will pass on all notifications to the employing Health Board and will ensure that the Trainees TURAS record is updated appropriately.

*Please note: NES can only share this information if the trainee signs the declaration on the TURAS system to confirm their PVG data can be shared with their employer. If the trainee does not choose to share this information a PVG application must be completed each time they change employer.

Process for new recruits

All trainees appointed will have their PVG check carried out by NES. NES will be in contact with you to initiate the process, but please contact us at if you have been appointed to a training post in Scotland and have not received any correspondence.

Once you have completed a PVG application form and returned this to NES, this will cover you for the duration of your training in Scotland, provided you sign the declaration on the TURAS system ( to confirm you are happy for your data to be shared with your employer AND you are continuously working across the NHS in Scotland in a medical and dental training post.



For further information on the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme, please visit the Disclosure Scotland website:

For specific Information on how to complete your existing PVG application, please click here.

For specific Information on how to complete your Application to Join PVG Scheme, please click here.