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Foundation Training

Foundation Priority Programmes

Scotland are offering 4 Foundation Priority Programmes (FPPs), 3 of which will be based in the West (W09, W10 and W22) and 1 based in the North (N13), totaling 51 posts. These are split into 45 programmes in the West and 6 programmes in the North.

The programmes offered will provide remote and rural exposure and provide trainees with a greater awareness of the patient journey and primary/community and secondary interfaces in a remote and rural setting. All posts seek to offer geographical stability for doctors in training in Scotland. Dependent upon the location selected some of these programmes will offer; a remote and rural 'bootcamp'; enhanced immersive simulation and clinical skills sessions; free on-site accommodation with en-suite facilities; social calendar; links to active sports; evening clinical skills updates; in-house ILS/ALS courses; regular education timetable. This list is not exhaustive.

For information about how to apply for Foundation Priority Programmes, please see the UKFPO website. All applications will be made through Oriel.

This is a recruitment website and is not used to provide information for current trainees. Current Foundation trainees should visit the Scotland Deanery website for information about their training.

All rotations are indicative and subject to change.

Details of indicative rotations in each programme can be found by using the left-hand menu. You can also find information about the offer cascade timetable.


Overview of post numbers and incentives

Programme FPP Posts and Incentives

6 Remote and Rural posts

  • Remote and Rural "bootcamp"
  • Immersive simulation and clinical skills
  • 3 themed Psychiatry rotations
  • Enhanced Psychiatry Supervision
  • Access to Scottish Psychiatry College Meeting
  • Allocated Psychiatry Mentor/Educational Supervisor
W09, W10

24 coastal posts

  • Immersive simulation

21 Remote and Rural posts

  • Enhanced immersive simulation and clinical skills
  • Opportunities to teach medical students
  • Free accommodation with en-suite facilities
  • No car parking charges
  • Social calendar including ball and Burns ceilidh
  • Cinema club
  • Sporting links within the hospital


UK applicant nominations

UK nominated applicants are invited to register through Oriel from 12th October 2020.


Application dates

The online application form for the Foundation Programme, Academic Foundation Programme and Foundation Priority Programme is available on Oriel from 19th October 2020. The application period closes on 4th November 2020.